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Seldom have I been as excited about announcing a new collection as I am with this one.As you may know, the classic wool historically accurate EFF cap has never been available in MLB teams – until now. Partnering with our colleagues at ’47, the sports lifestyle and premium headwear and apparel brand, we have created a very special collection that features the original 16 National and American League teams from the first half of the 20th Century, before franchise moves and expansion (and stiff-crown cap construction!).

Each hat was chosen with a variety of criteria in mind: rarity, color, style (we’re including a couple of 8-panel caps). Since we could only pick one hat per team, the choices were difficult, as you can imagine, but we tried to include famous caps as well as some extremely rare ones. Each ballcap will tell a story, from the first decade of the modern era, to the early 1950s when both leagues celebrated their 50th anniversaries.

As you have come to expect from Ebbets, these fitted caps are made in the USA and were meticulously researched – in most cases we had access to color photographs of the original game-worn versions – and we endeavored to create each cap with the highest standard of authenticity. In some cases we used rare wool, which we had in our archives in only a limited supply.

16 individual caps: Available Tuesday 4/11 at 1pm ET

Golden Age Collection
  • I wanted to let you know about a very special and exciting limited production ballcap collection I’ve been working on that we will be releasing at 10am PT on Friday, August 12th: The Mystery Caps of Mexico.
  • I first experienced baseball, Mexican-style, in the early 1990s when I befriended the dean of Mexican baseball writers, the late Tomas Morales (known as “Tommy al bat”) at the Winter Meetings.
  • Many of the uniforms of these early teams are quite extraordinary – even bizarre in some cases. We decided to do a limited production collection of caps from some of our favorite teams. By cross-referencing

For the first half of the 20th Century, amateur and semi-professional baseball thrived in North America. There were leagues formed around specific industries, like the textile mill leagues in North Carolina.

Company-sponsored teams were ubiquitous, from large corporations like Coca-Cola to the corner grocery store or tavern. Other teams were formed around ethnic organizations – Mexican American teams in Los Angeles, Nisei Japanese teams in the Pacific Northwest. Athletic club teams were common.

At the top of the heap were clubs like the Brooklyn Bushwicks, who were professional in every real sense, and even built their own ballpark, but existed outside the structure of organized baseball. But even local amateur leagues often had professional players (sometimes playing under assumed names) who found that they could pick up a few extra bucks in the off-season.

We have recently accelerated our research into this fascinating part of the baseball story. Look for more teams in the coming months and look for our newest ballcaps here.

  • Like our Negro Leagues Collection from a few years ago, these caps will be offered in a limited-production release, with only 50 per team. Each cap is hand numbered and features a special gold label, gold satin undervisor and taping, and comes with a Mexico
  • We’ve always been proud at Ebbets to bring you not just the most historically significant baseball apparel, but also the most unusual and fascinating. The Mystery Caps of Mexico collection is in that tradition, and we are pleased to share it with you.

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